Urban Agriculture Outreach Program supported by Mosaic Company

This innovative program shares resources and practical tools with 27 schools and community organizations in and around the City of Regina. Participating schools and local organizations have each received a kit that includes a growthGarden Tower, grow lights, soil, seeds and everything they need to grow food indoors all year long thanks to the continued support of The Mosaic Company.

The Garden Tower is a vertical composting soil-based system that can grow up to 70 plants in just 4 sq. ft of space. It rotates 360° which makes for easy access to tend to your plants. The Garden Tower is on casters which makes it easy to move from room to room or indoors to outdoors. The Garden Tower is made from food grade, non-toxic, BPA & PVC free plastic.  The built-in vermicomposting tube stands vertically in the centre of the tower. The tubes are perforated so that worms can move in and out of the centre column to spread nutrients and aerate the soil. Plant roots will also reach the centre column to extract the nutrients from the worm castings.

This engaging program connects youth, educators and the community in growing healthy, nutritious food and promotes a better understanding of how and where the food we share and eat is grown and produced. The Garden Towers inspire conversation about nutrition, food sustainability, and food security. Vegetable gardening can be a satisfying and rewarding activity with just a little direction, some good advice, and inspiration. The benefits to gardening are vast; it can improve your health, help the environment, save yogrowth2u money and improve quality of life. Gardening is a unique way for individuals to build a relationship with their food and develop life skills such as problem-solving, coping, nurturing and resilience. Growing food where people live increases quality, helps the environment, tastes better and supports the local economy.

A huge thank you to all the teachers, school staff, and community partners who have expressed interest in providing their students and clients with hands on learning experiences using the Garden Tower.