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How the Regina Food Bank Can Help

We are committed to the ideal that no one truly in need in our community should ever have to struggle with hunger. If you, or someone you know is looking for help, below is some information to get the help needed:

Emergency Supplementary Food Assistance

The Regina Food Bank is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (except for Statutory Holidays) from 9:00am to 12:00noon and 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

As a new client, your first visit to the Regina Food Bank, you will receive an order.  If you have not accessed the Regina Food Bank in the past 12 months, you will be considered a new client.

In order to register as a Regina Food Bank client, you must provide valid ID for each person in your household and proof of current address, such as utility bill or statement.  We recommend providing a valid Saskatchewan Health Services card for each person in your household when possible.

Becoming a Regular Client

If you find that you will need assistance for a longer period of time, you will have to make an appointment to speak to one of our intake personnel.  During the intake, you will need to provide information for your current revenue and expenses, based on you and any other members of your household.

After this appointment, our intake personnel will determine your household’s eligibility for receiving further food bank assistance.

If for some reason you do not qualify for assistance, you will receive notification shortly after your file has been reviewed.  Clients who do not qualify will have 30 days to appeal this decision.  During the 30 day period, food bank services will still be available to you, until the appeal process is complete. We realize that during the initial intake appointment there might be some information that was missed, and we welcome our clients to help us determine how best to serve their families.

If after the appeal process is complete and you still do not qualify, we can also assist by providing some information on other community services that can provide further assistance.  We also welcome our clients to let us know if circumstances change with regards to their file, to contact us to reassess their file.

Clients who do qualify to receive food bank assistance will have their files reviewed no later than 12 months after their first visit to ensure we are still providing the proper service for their household.

What is a “Household”?

Household is defined as the total number of related or unrelated persons living at the same address who purchase, prepare and consume food together. Household income is the combined income of all persons living under the same address.

Placing an Order

Call  306-791-6533 ext. 0,  at least 1 week in advance of the day you wish to pick up your order. Orders can only be accepted if you speak directly with a client services member.  To protect your privacy, we cannot book orders that are left on voice mail.

Be sure to have your valid Saskatchewan Health Card number on hand.

Advise the client services member if there are any special requests you may have regarding you order. (e.g. Baby Food, Dietary).  Please note that we can only fulfill certain requests depending on availability of product.

Food hampers contain 3 to 4 days supply of food, depending on product availability.

If for some reason, you cannot attend the Regina Food Bank on the day scheduled for your order pick up, you must phone 306-791-6533 ext.0 to reschedule your order, or cancel.  Given the volume of orders on a daily basis, we cannot hold your order past your original scheduled appointment.

If after this time we have not received a call about a missed order, you could be suspended for 30 days from utilizing the Regina Food Bank services, so please be sure to contact us if there is a change to your order date.  If there are repeat occurrences of orders not being pick up could result in your account being cancelled.

Registered clients qualify for an order no fewer than 14 days of their last order.

Picking up your Order

Be sure that when you arrive on the date of your pick-up that you bring Saskatchewan Health Cards for every member of your family, proof of address current within the last 60 days.

Upon receiving your order, products must be transferred from the food bank container given to you, to your own bags or boxes.  The Regina Food Bank cannot guarantee that we will have extra bags or boxes on hand, so please ensure to bring your own.

Since we have a limited supply of containers, clients that remove our food containers from the premises could face a 30 day suspension.

As you are packing your order, be sure to go through all your products.  Even though we try to ensure the products are within dates and not damaged, sometimes a distressed product might end up in your order.  We ask that if you do find a product that you are concerned about have this brought to the attention of the Client Services window.  We will try our best to switch your product for something of equal contents.

Unfortunately due to safety and health reasons, we cannot replace products that have left the premises and encourage you to take time to go through your order prior to leaving.