Give 30

National grassroots efforts tap into the spirit of Ramadan

Food banks across Canada are taking part in a national grassroots initiative combatting hunger and Regina Food Bank is very pleased to be joining this effort once again in 2020.

Give 30 was founded in 2012 to create awareness on hunger in Canada and motivate people of all backgrounds to support food banks during the month of Ramadan through

Give 30 is designed to motivate people fasting in Ramadan to donate the money they save by skipping meals over the month.  People who aren’t fasting can also take part, says Give 30 founder Ziyaad Mia, noting that donations have come from people of all faiths and backgrounds. “Brown bag your lunch for the month or tally up 30 days of coffee money.  Whatever it is, it can make a difference in the lives of those who don’t have enough to eat.”

“This is a grassroots movement that’s catching on across Canada,” says Mia.  The Toronto lawyer and social activist attributes the success of the campaign to the simplicity of the idea and the power of social media.

Ramadan is about giving, building community, and understanding the challenges of hunger, says Mia.  That is why it works well-motivating people to give.  “Everyone can participate in the spirit of Ramadan,” Mia emphasizes.  “Hunger knows no race, religion, ethnicity or creed and that’s why it’s important for everyone to join Give 30.”

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You can also donate to Give 30 via

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or make a donation over the phone by calling 306-791-6530.

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Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2020