Personal Financial Management

This workshop provides an opportunity to increase your financial literacy and develop knowledge, skills, and confidence to make financial decisions that fit with your life.  Complete the course online at your own pace, from your own home or public access computer.

This course is made up of three main sections:  Budgeting, Banking & Credit.

Each section will be broken down into smaller lessons.  Your course will begin with budgeting basics.  You must complete all lessons in the order they are listed before you can complete the course.

We do not collect any information related to your personal financial situation, and do not provide any direct counselling around financial management.  Please make an appointment with a non-profit credit counselling organization or your financial institution if you are looking for this type of support.

For more in-depth and interactive learning consider taking our in-person workshop at the food bank.  Please contact Megan at [email protected] or (306)559-1507 to register for our next course.