Course Overview

  • Personal Financial Management

    19 Lessons

    This workshop provides an opportunity to increase your financial literacy and develop knowledge, skills, and confidence to make financial decisions that fit with your life.  Complete the course online at your own pace, from your own home or public access computer.

  • Food Preperation

    2 Lessons

    This course has 2 lessons. One on how to cook chicken and another on how to cook steak.

  • Financial Management Workshop for Food Bank Parnters

    0 Lessonsin

    Introduction to Budgeting

  • Food & Finances

    6 Lessons

    Meal Planning & Budgeting

  • Banking Basics

    5 Lessons

    Learn about: Alternative Financial Services, Everyday Banking Terms, Banking Products, Banks & Credit Unions, Banking & Financial Services

  • Using Credit

    3 Lessons

    Learn about: Credit and Debt, High Cost Credit, The Cost of Using Credit

  • Understanding your Credit Report

    2 Lessons

    Learn about: Understanding your Credit Report and Rating, Credit Report

  • Getting Help with your Debts

    1 Lesson

    The information on banking and credit provide a starting point for looking at the services you use, examining your needs and wants, identifying ways to save money, and looking at options to better manage your debt. Please come back at any time to review the course, or to follow the links to find more information on managing your money to meet your financial goals.