2015 Annual Report



Individuals and community working together to address hunger and sustain independence.


The Regina Food Bank serves those most vulnerable in our community by providing programs and service directly and through partnerships in the areas of food provision, essential skills development and connections to the community supports and opportunities.


  • We are respectful of all
  • We support self-reliance
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our impact within the community
  • We collaborate
  • We care by guiding people and community towards solutions
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On behalf of the entire Regina Food Bank team, thank you for your support which makes serving our friends and neighbours across the community possible again this past year.

The incredible generosity and commitment across our community in providing food, funds, time and a voice to those in need is something truly special.

Over the past year, the Regina Food Bank continued to work toward our vision of “individuals and community working together to address hunger and sustain independence.”

We were able to accomplish this through:

  • Providing nutritious food to families and individuals in need;
  • Supporting and working closely with partner agencies to connect those we serve with knowledge and solutions (community connector);
  • Delivering learning opportunities through signature programs with our partners in Nutritional Leadership and Personal Financial Management; and,
  • Providing a collective voice to those we serve on the issues of hunger and food insecurity in our community.

Helping to meet the issues of hunger and food insecurity head on will always be part of creating opportunity for success and belonging in our community.

With appreciation,

  • Steve Compton
    Regina Food Bank
  • Lee Auten
    Chair of the Board
    Regina Food Bank
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Board of Directors

Board Chair Lee Auten
Vice Chair and Chair of Governance Committee
Divyesh Patel
Chair of Nominations Committee Randy Jeworski
Chair of Finance and Audit Committee Craig Reed
Past Chair Carmela Haines
Balvinder Gill
Joanne Goodpipe
Jim Grundy
Chris Johnson
Stathy Markatos
Cheri Moreau
Sophie Perreault
Cary Ransome
Val Sluth

Regina Food Bank Staff

Kabita Acharya
Warehouse Personnel

Robin Armburster
Maintenance Manager

Shelley Armbruster
Community Engagement Coordinator

Kim Baker
Reclamation Coordinator

Rebecca Casas
Maintenance Personnel

Steve Compton

Sandy Burton
Financial Administrator

Darcy Fraser
Warehouse Manager

Hayley Fayant
Community Connector

Biniam Haile
Warehouse Personnel

Lenard LaFontaine
Warehouse Personnel

Blanca Molina
Customer Service Supervisor

Laura Murray
Manager of Community Programming

Jamie Neilsen
Warehouse Personnel

Brittney Roberts
Intake Personnel

Todd Sandin
Director of Operations

Lori Williams
Office and Volunteer Coordinator

Harla Willcox
Outreach Coordinator

Wondwosen Wmariam
Warehouse Supervisor

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The Regina Food Bank recognizes that the long term solutions to poverty, hunger and food insecurity require the support and collaboration of the entire community.

Over this past year we had the opportunity to once again collaborate and work with community leaders, partners and stakeholders.

We brought the voice of those we serve to a diverse representation of the community including:

  • Community Food Assessment – Food Regina
  • Community 4 Connection
  • Salvation Army Family Services Partnership
  • Think Regina in partnership with the Regina Chamber of Commerce

In addition, we added our voice on a provincial and national level through:

  • Advisory Group on Poverty Reduction
  • Food Banks of Saskatchewan
  • Food Banks Canada
  • The annual national HungerCount Survey

We were also invited throughout the year to present and meet with a diverse number of community stakeholders to discuss the ongoing work of the Regina Food Bank.

Through these important conversations, we continue to work together to ensure full participation and prosperity for all members of our community. We look forward to working in continued partnership with the community in the coming year.

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Connecting clients to the community

Making Community Connections
The Regina Food Bank continues to connect clients locally by making community connections. It is important for clients to have access to programming which showcases health and wellness, addictions, art and culture, sexual health, education, employment and training opportunities. We work to achieve this by bringing together a diverse network of more than 100 community partners who provide free or low cost programs and services to families.

Through these events, clients learned about new programs, registered for programs and activities, received applications for funding or subsidies, gathered posters and pamphlets, and were reminded of the vast network of resources available to them within our community. These events facilitate lasting connections and strengthen our clients’ support systems.


Health & Wellness Programming
At the Regina Food Bank, we recognize the utmost importance of health and wellness. We continue to work with our partners to provide opportunities for support to our clients.

In 2015, we were fortunate to continue providing diabetes screening, chronic condition management programs, and dental screening. We are pleased to have incorporated new health and wellness programs as well.

Some highlights of our programming include:

  • Diabetes screening sessions where clients meet with a Safeway Pharmacist to review their personal risk factors for diabetes through the Canadian Diabetes Association CanRisk Assessment Tool. For one client, this made all of the difference. At one of these sessions, this particular client found out that her blood pressure was off the charts. She immediately took her assessment to her doctor. Within days she was on medication to control her blood pressure and soon felt like a new person.
  • Continued partnership with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region to offer the LiveWell with Chronic Conditions and LiveWell with Chronic Pain Programs.
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic Dental Hygiene students spent time at the food bank providing free dental screenings and promoting free and low cost services. The fifth annual free dental day, held at the SaskPolytech Campus, brought together 120 dental professionals to provide more than 70 people with free dental treatment.
  • With the support from nursing students at the University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Polytechnic we offered mini health clinics that included blood pressure checks, healthy eating tips, dental screening, hand washing tips, vision checks, healthy food sampling, and more.


New partnerships and events include:

  • Outpost Community Health Centre to provide Hepatitis C screening;
  • Hosting a Flu Shot Clinic;
  • Hosting Community Kitchens in partnership with REACH; and,
  • Inviting a range of other health and wellness providers to take part in our Making Community Connections Events.


Making Community Connections involved the incredible partnership and cooperation of many agencies and organizations and was made possible through sponsorship from the Community Initiatives Fund and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

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We re-launched a new and updated series of Personal Financial Management Workshops sponsored by Conexus Credit Union designed specifically to meet the needs of people living on a fixed or low income. Workshops topics included:

  • Budgeting;
  • How to be a smart shopper;
  • Banking basics;
  • Credit and debt;
  • Consumerism; and,
  • Taking control of money to meet financial goals, needs and wants.


More than 120 participants took part in these workshops over a two-day period. Depending on the preference of the participant, the workshops could be attended in person or online.

The program has been offered directly to food bank clients and to our community partners who offer education, employment, and life-skills programming to our mutual clients. Participants have reported that as a result of the class, they have become more aware of their spending habits, set short-term and long-term savings goals, reduced service charges and fees, learned more about their credit rating, started to rebuild credit, and shared what they have learned with friends and family.

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Nutritional Cooking Leadership Program

The Nutritional Cooking Leadership Program, sponsored by Conexus Credit Union, is a 10-day course focused on healthy food choices, and developing food, budgeting and leadership skills.


  • 63 people participated in the Nutritional Cooking Leadership Program last year;
  • 100% of participants learned new information, skills and techniques through the class;
  • All participants reported they are using these new skills at home with new foods and ways of preparing them;
  • Participants shared what they learned with friends and family; and,
  • Participants also encouraged others to register for upcoming programs, and pursued food service volunteer and employment opportunities.

We would like to thank Deborah Stevens, Professional Home Economist, who worked with us to develop the program and facilitated the first four of six programs this past year. Our students benefitted greatly from her patience, knowledge, and passion for teaching about eating well on a budget.

Since September, we have been developing and enriching a partnership with Aimee Schulhauser, Owner and CEO of Schoolhaus Culinary Arts, Tangerine The Food Bar, and Evolution Catering. In the fall, Aimee demonstrated food preparation at the food bank, enticing clients with chocolate chip lentil cookies, incredible lentil tacos, and other healthy, affordable, easy to prepare, and nutritious food samples. She has since come on board to deliver the Nutritional Cooking Leadership Program, sharing her love of food, experience as a professional chef, and the belief that there is a chef in each and every one of us.

Thank you to other partners and contributors to the success of this program: Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (Health Promotions Department and Al Ritchie Health Action Centre), Mike McCann Consulting, Old Fashion Foods, and Safeway Northgate Mall.

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Our food, funds and volunteer supporters form the backbone of our organization. This continued commitment to the Regina Food Bank is what makes our service to the community possible. Our supporters help through volunteering in daily operations, at special events and community fundraisers, and through ongoing donations of food or financial support.

Enhancing resources ensures we are continually positioned to meet the current and future needs and challenges of our community.

Over the coming year, we will again be active throughout the community through our signature events, community initiatives, and annual campaigns.

We will continue to reach out through our newsletters, website and social media pages to ask supporters to share the impact of the generosity of our community.

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Organizational sustainability means ensuring the Regina Food Bank has the required resources to meet the needs of the community as they arise.

Our continued efforts and work are only possible through the ongoing support of the community. Again this past year we were humbled by the generosity of a caring and connected Regina community that support us in many ways, including:

  • Donating 3,306,597 pounds of food and 121,862 pounds of household and hygiene products;
  • Individual and corporate financial supporters as well as program partners;
  • Support of Regina Food Bank Signature events including the Annual Food Drive and 12 Days of Christmas;
  • Fundraisers and support from groups across the community; and,
  • Volunteer support totaling 22,886 hours!
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Acquiring and Distributing Food

At the heart of all we do, is the drive to ensure that neighbours across the community have access to nutritious food hamper support during challenging times.

Through the continued generosity of the community, we were able to collect and distribute 3,428,459 pounds of product with a value of $8,553,177 to families and individuals in Regina and area over the past year.

These donations included:

  • Fresh produce;
  • Baking;
  • Dairy;
  • Proteins; and,
  • Staple non-perishable food items.

This was accomplished through the support of:

  • Retail and wholesale food partners;
  • Food Banks Canada national food share program;
  • Food drives and community events held in conjunction with our community and corporate partners;
  • The faith community;
  • School groups;
  • Service clubs;
  • The agricultural community, producers and farmers; and,
  • Individuals committed to fighting hunger and feeding hope.


The Regina Food Bank ensures that all donations are processed through our food safe facility, fleet of refrigerated trucks and by a committed staff team connected by the goal of providing nutritious, safe foods to our friends and neighbours.

In the coming year we will be utilizing our commercial kitchen and urban agriculture facility to increase and improve our local food supply by including our neighborhood agency partners working on the front lines in our community.

At the Regina Food Bank, we believe that helping to meet the issues of hunger and food security head on will always be part of creating opportunity for success and belonging in our community.

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Dolores Christoph

For more than 10 years, Dolores has tirelessly donated her time volunteering at the Regina Food Bank. As a long-term volunteer, she has assisted many client families access essential food bank services, in turn putting hope on the table.

Dolores’ open, warm and caring personality is not only sincerely appreciated by our clients, but also by the numerous other volunteers and staff she interacts with while at the food bank. Even in the most difficult situations, Dolores’ positivity always puts an instant smile on everyone’s face. Dolores has also donated her time to other not-for-profit agencies in the city, truly demonstrating her commitment to making the community a better place for all.

We could not be more honoured to recognize Dolores’ incredible contributions with this well-deserved award.

The Regina Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Over the last year, the members of the Regina Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have been instrumental in providing volunteer assistance to the Regina Food Bank. During the northern forest fires, members of the church put in long hours to help the Regina Food Bank distribute over 5000 food relief hampers to those displaced from their homes.

The Regina Food Bank was honoured to also host over 200 youth members in April 2015, for a one day volunteer event. During that event, members worked together to help the Regina Food Bank prepare and sort items to provide over 10,000 meals to be distributed to our client families.

During the Christmas season, the members of the church once again stepped up to help distribute over 2500 holiday hampers and toys, and ensure that every one of our families shared in a traditional Christmas meal.

Our sincerest thanks to the Regina Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for truly giving back to the community and helping us fight hunger and feed hope.

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City of Regina

Since the Regina Food Bank opened its first location more than 30 years ago, the City of Regina has been a strong supporter and partner. This tradition of support has continued and expanded in unique ways to include many departments within the City of Regina.

During our annual food drive, the City of Regina Fire Department partnered with us to host collection sites at each city fire hall, with members of each location acting as positive ambassadors for youth in Regina.

Over the last eight years, Regina Transit, in partnership with Safeway Canada, has been instrumental in helping to raise more than 100,000 meals during the annual “Stuff the Bus” promotion. This year, Regina Transit also partnered with Rawlco Radio to host the first ever “Jingle Bus” campaign, which helped the Regina Food Bank provide meals to more than 2,500 clients during the holiday season.

The City of Regina Police Service, in partnership with the RCMP, held their first ever “Pack a Cruiser” event in February at the Sherwood Co-op, raising much needed food at a critical time of year. Several members of each organization spent the day greeting guests young and old, and thanking each and every customer for their generous donations.

The City of Regina has also provided the Regina Food Bank with operational support through their Community Investment Grants program. This has allowed the food bank to not only provide a higher level of service to clients, but has also helped provide support to more than 120 front line agencies serving those in need.

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Download Our Annual Report

View our financial records by clicking here to download our 2015 Annual Report.

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